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The 3D  Lipo Brand is a culmination of 20 years’ worth of personal experience developing result driven devices for the beauty & aesthetics Industry. Throughout the past 4 years as a company, we have introduced 3D Aesthetics into over 650 clinics across the UK with the same number also being introduced across the world through a network of international distributors. The reason our non- surgical technology has proven to be so popular is because as a brand and as a device we are fundamentally different! Historically machines have one technology which generally treat one thing well. Our bodies come in all different shapes and sizes and each client’s needs vary; this means that if we only have one technology there will only be a relevance to certain people. Roy Cowley (Managing Director of 3D Aesthetics) set out to change this by creating a device with multiple advanced technologies that would enable clinics to treat a multitude of indications and give their patients the best body outcomes. The technologies contained in the 3D Aesthetics machines meant that we could now treat (non-surgically) fat removal, skin tightening, and the treatment of cellulite. In 2016 he developed the new 3D-ultimate which now means that clinics can offer a wide range of non-surgical and effective treatments not only for the body but for the face as well! 3D Aesthetics has become the celebrity’s favourite body contouring treatment resulting in the machine becoming the most popular and fastest selling body treatment in the UK. We aim to provide you with the face and body you’ve always dreamed of, with no fuss.

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The 3D Aesthetics Leamington Spa Experience

Our passionate team of highly trained therapists are on hand to ensure that you receive the best possible results using our result driven non- surgical technology for the face & body. We offer a complimentary consultation service which includes a full and thorough assessment using our revolutionary 3D- body scanning technology. Bespoke treatment plans will then be tailored specifically to you to ensure that you receive the best results possible using our result driven technology to target concerns such as fat removal, skin tightening & cellulite for the face & body. In addition to our renowned 3D- lipo treatments, 3D- lipo Leamington offer a range of prescriptive facial treatments to target a number of skin concerns such as anti- ageing, pigmentation & acne using our high tech 3D-skintech system for the face. Other signature treatments on offer include ‘Ultimate Non- Surgical No Knife Facelift’ and ‘3D-bumlift’ two treatments that have been featured extensively in the press due to our amazing results and celebrity fan base!


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