Pricing for Laser Tattoo Removal  is from £50

At 3D Aesthetics Leamington Spa we use the 3D-NanoSure laser technology to safely remove unwanted tattoos. This technology, called ‘Q-Switching’, offers an affordable solution for those with tattoo regret as it effectively eliminates unwanted dark and multicoloured tattoos across a full spectrum of ink colours. The Q-Switching process shatters tattoo ink without harming the surrounding tissue, majorly reducing the risk of scarring.

How it works

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Similarly to getting a tattoo, it completely depends on an individual’s pain threshold. This treatment is not advertised as pain-free as some people do experience slight discomfort during the treatment application. If you experience pain during your patch test, or if you know you have a low pain threshold, numbing cream can be applied for client comfort.

Redness and swelling post-treatment can be completely normal and this will subside after 48-72 hours with the correct aftercare. However, due to our Q-Switching technology, you see minimal trauma to the skin and this ensures that you see the best results without scarring.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

The number of treatments required is completely dependent on the results that the customer would like to achieve. If you want your tattoo fading so that you can have a cover up this will need fewer treatments than someone wanting the tattoo to be as invisible as possible.

It is recommended that you wait 4-6 weeks between each treatment to allow the area to fully heal. However, for medium to large sized tattoos, you can have other areas treated during this time.

Your specialist will be able to advise how many treatments are necessary to achieve your desired results at your initial consultation. This consultation also includes a patch test to ensure that there are no adverse reactions to the laser and also to determine the required power to get results.

Laser Tattoo Removal at 3D Aesthetics Leamington Spa treatment at 3d lipo leamington

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices for laser tattoo removal treatments at 3D Aesthetics Leamington Spa start from £50 per session and increases dependant on the size of the tattoo.

Interest-free finance is available for courses of laser tattoo removal that amount to £350 or more and this is payable over a 6, 10- or 12-month period depending on which is most suited to you.

Diversity of New Treatments

Along with laser tattoo removal, the 3D-Nanosure machine offers a diversity of new treatments including pigmentation removal, skin lightening and rebalancing of skin tones, benign pigmented lesion removal and melasma.

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Laser Tattoo Removal at 3D Aesthetics Leamington Spa treatment at 3d lipo leamington

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