The Fit3D ProScanner is the most comprehensive, non-invasive assessment technology that allows you to track your body progress visually over time. For some, this device encourages the motivation to make a change. For others, it helps to see how far away you are from achieving a certain goal. This state-of-the-art system has been showcased at Bodypower and has been seen in Forbes, Gym Owner Monthly and Shape due to its entirely accurate results.

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How it works

How Does It Work?

Using a small camera in the base of the stand, this 360 device captures hundreds of measurements in just a few seconds, providing you with information on your weight, body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass, posture and much more. A full 3D image of your body is generated from these measurements allowing you to track your progress over time.

For the most accurate results, we will ask that the scan is taken whilst wearing just underwear. However, you will be in a private room by yourself when this takes place.

Once your scan has been taken you can create an account that allows you to view your data on any device, anywhere in the world from single scan reports to side-by-side comparisons.

Use with Our Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatments

With your permission, 3D Aesthetics Leamington Spa can view your data to allow us to see your progress ahead of your next appointment with us. This enables us to make recommendations within your treatment plan as well as offering diet and exercise advice.

To see optimal results, it is advised that you focus on a healthy lifestyle to enhance the results seen from our non-surgical body contouring treatments.

We recommend that you carry out your scan every 6-8 weeks to allow changes to be seen from your treatments and lifestyle improvements.

Book Your Scan

With any body treatment consultations a Fit3D body scan is completely free and will be completed as part of your consultation. If you would like to use the Fit3D without booking a consultation then there is a charge of £25 and you will receive a free scan after purchasing six!

To arrange your free consultation, or to book to use the Fit3D ProScanner, please call 3D Aesthetics Leamington Spa on 01926 315 764. Alternatively, you can book your free consultation or book your body scan online.

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